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Greg shares his experience as an entrepreneur and medical industry professional in a series of blogs and interviews.

Greg Orzeck

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When a company wants to grow, no matter how strong and efficient the it may be, it is likely that at some point during its lifespan, it will seek to strategically partner itself with another company
How adopting more flexible and adaptive models can reduce costs, expand the collection of useful data, and expedite results

Greg Orzeck of AI Research Inc. sat down with HobbyJam for an interview on his love of the game of golf

The number one reason that clinical trials fail is not rooted in staffing issues or strategic misfires; it is due to recruiting sub-standard participants. This is typically not a matter of effor…

While new and innovative technologies are driving change across all industries, there is arguably no area where the velocity of change is as impactful, importance, or as exciting as the…

According to Greg Orzeck, a clinical trials expert who leads the full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO) AI Research Inc., here are three hiring practices for successful CRO’s…

Greg Orzeck has established himself in the field of clinical research within the Greater Philadelphia region. Greg has over two decades of executive…

Before a new drug or medical product is introduced to the market, it must undergo multiple clinical trials involving animals and humans in order to verify…

Greg Orzeck Exclusive Interview – AI Research Inc. is a specialty clinical research organization, providing world-class clinical research support services…

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